Alex Tanuka, CEO
"Forex Pacific". Inc.,


Advanced Fantastic Forex software that earns $15,000 a month! New algorithm allows the robot to open orders at the appropriate time due to deep market analysis.

100% automated product with a range of new technologies, based on current market, optimized and simple.

A professional E.A. that combined ALL popular features IN ONE that also increase the profitability by trailing, hedging control and money management.

Premium Asian Quality:
A reputable company, "Forex Pacific". Inc., presents - Forex AutoDealer Robot: an innovative discovery from Alex Tanuka and his team!

Brand-new algorithm including "Chief-4" technology based on Asian quality makes a boosting result come true! Turn your profit-counter on!


FX AutoDealer E.A. that we launched yesterday generated great feedback! We even did not imagine that such interest can be produced, but we are, of course, very happy!

You, our customers, asked for some new results of the robot's performance. So, by popular demand, the real screenshot is posted! Just check yourself:

FX AutoDealer Robot in action: +$1,266.36 in 24 hours! (EURUSD @ M15, 1.0)

As you can see, when the market conditions are stable and favourable for trading, FX AutoDealer can easily hit the jackpot!!!

In fully automated mode, our EA uses the opportunities of the algorithm to the fullest and leaves us with our mouth open! So...


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Greetings from Alex Tanuka, Singapore!

I’m happy to announce that a miracle on the software market exists - Forex AutoDealer E.A. A team of professionals and market analysts spent weeks to create this greatest product for our fellow members! It fully meets the needs of modern traders - it is safe, stable and may be used for trading with micro lots.

Join us and hundreds of happy customers on this effective road to trading success!

Welcome our newest Eastern invention:

It is designed specially for M15 timeframe and for EURUSD & USDJPY.

FX AutoDealer ROBOT specification

FX AutoDealer Robot is designed for three currency pairs - EURUSD, USDJPY, M15 timeframe. It is compatible with any broker that allows auto trading. All that you need to start trading with our EA is a PC, MetaTrader 4 platform installed and stable internet connection.

Alex Tanuka: What is our new Forex AutoDealer Robot:

Before opening orders, the Expert Advisor analyses 4 popular indicators:

Stochastic Oscillator
Relative Strength Index Technical Indicator
Commodity Channel Index
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence

Additionally, an inbuilt trend filter is used to exclude entries against trend. You may ask why we use this list of conventional indicators.

The reason is simple - the price – it moves up (when there are more buyers on the market) and down (when there are more sellers on the market).

Development Basis:

Forex AutoDealer E.A. includes:

Dual Currency Technology
Double Spread Control
Dual Slippage Protection
Trade On Friday Option
Light News Filter
Auto SL/TP
Trailing Activator
Money Management
Stealth mode

This majority of buyers or sellers use standard indicators which any FX trading platform includes.

So, the main idea is that you should take into account these signals not to found yourself in minority.

The exclusion of the rule is the sideways movement which cannot be totally controlled by any existing product.

We optimized the parameters of the mentioned indicators for M15 timeframe...

...that means several indicators should say ‘yes’ simultaneously for an order to be opened.

Forex AutoDealer trades in 100% full auto-mode and allows you having steady growing deposit without tiresome PC-sitting.

Full automation:
Trade entry, exit, trade management, and risk are all handled for you. If you value your time – this robot is definitely the right choice.
FX AutoDealer Robot works 100% automatically.

Up to 93% of trading accuracy:
It is a real BOMB! A new Robot that earns up to $15,000 per month and leave you free time to do other things – spend your time with your family, do sports or relax. It shows stable and accurate results while doesn’t require your attention at all!

Safety and Innovation:
New extra feature. Forex AutoDealer Robot algorithm works with 2 pairs simultaneously. It brings double reliability and double profit.

You may fully trust Forex AutoDealer Robot as it was developed by our professional team of programmers. We combined innovated features and proved strategies such fractals trading. It is equally suitable for trading with standard deposits starting from $200-300 for micro lot trading with such a small account.

Though, you need to follow Money Management and don’t take too much risk with a high Lot Size.


We know that most of customers firstly want to know how much the robot earns and what is the average monthly income. We understand the reason of such questions.

Forex market is one of the most unpredictable fields. The situation can be very unstable from time to time so it is difficult to tell you the exact amount of dollars you will gain. No vendor will tell you. BUT we always show our latest results because we want to show you the numbers of the current market.

Specially for all skeptical customers - real account screenshots & statement. The fact that cannot be ignored: $15,874.90 in a month, 2 currency pairs, 100% auto every single day!*

* Please think rationally before choosing a Lot Size according to your deposit amount. Do not increase it without a reason, as it may lead to monetary losses.

Robot's performance (February 22 ... March 25). Check this out:


 pips: 753,80

Total (1-month real profit)...................... $15,874.90
Average win/loss ratio........................... 88%

NOTE: First of all, Forex AutoDealer Robot is named as a tribute to its ability. Yes, it can MAKE fast CASH.

Easily, automatically. But we are against high risks and made Forex AutoDealer Robot as safe as possible reducing the expected profit. Still, even with this enforced security system, what about $19,461.90 in a month?

Check the statement and screenshots below. The numbers are impressive.

  Forex AutoDealer Statement

February 22...March 25

click to enlarge

Well, we do not pretend showing you a miracle, it is the fact
that you can check:

We’ve GOT  $15,874.90  in a month doing absolutely nothing just once installed it with 1.0 Lot Size. It traded on its own, in a completely 100% auto-mode. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We know that our customers trust us but, anyway, we provide all the necessary facts and proof. Forex AutoDealer trades in 100% full auto-mode and allows you having steady growing deposit without tiresome PC-sitting. It is the proof of constant and stable performance.

We captured and visualized the BEST trades of Forex AutoDealer Robot for you. Please look at the following screenshots.

Check the following picture - EURUSD, M15! 2 trades - ALL WINS!
+$987 result! Due to its "Chief4" system's algorithm Forex AutoDealer E.A. possesses one of the most needed qualities – safety. Indeed, all the orders are protected with fixed SL and TP and SL Trailing.

SCREENSOT#2: Another example of positive trading is published below. USDJPY, M15. Again - NO LOSSES and $539 profit!

The pack of inbuilt features allows to be sure in the profitability of the product. You can see it with your own eyes from the results of a real account.

* Just imagine this: The very first 2-4 profitable trades with one of the small lots (0.3-0.5) and the whole system will pay off for itself. And if you get really lucky, after the very first profitable trade, you could earn much more than what you paid for our Forex AutoDealer Robot.

ROBOT Installation

What are your next steps to start the robot after purchasing?
You will receive a download link with an archived package.
extract it - it contains the product's files, the user's guide and the bonus (with a manual too).

Open the user's guide (it is in PDF-format) and follow all the step detailed instructions in the manual.

The installation process can't be simpler. It takes 2-3 minutes from the downloading of the product to starting trading with it. If you are already familiar with automated products, you already know how to install and you are closer to start earning money.

No special knowledge and experience required!

Forex AutoDealer Robot top advantages

The mixture of these properties of the product is a unique combination of performance for positive trading. Our developers have spent many hours working on this algorithm, to provide all possible movements in the Forex market.

Now, you with no doubt can confidently watch the opening and closing orders..

Fast and accurate market watch system makes all the calculations in just a second!

Easy to install. Just in 5 minutes you can start earning!
Profitability shown on REAL LIVE account. Full statement.
Latest profit - $15.874,90
Auto or manual Stop Loss and Take Profit
Chief-4 algorithm technology
Easy Bi Direction is available
Trades accuracy: UP to 85%
Any MetaTrader4 broker compatible
24/5 market monitoring and self-correction


Our money back GUARANTEE

FIRST TIME in Forex history:
Our unique "3-in-1" guarantee:
Read the offer and judge for yourself:

#1 You'll pay back the Robot's price & make profit during the first month.
#2 All customers will get our next product for FREE in 30 days.
#3 You will get 105% refund if the product does not fit you*

We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction!

We believe in our product, that is why we provide 30 days money back guarantee. You will be able to get a refund if you use our recommended settings during the first 30-day period without interrupting the EA's work. Remember that small drawdowns can happen due to poor market conditions.

* #3 rule works if you use the product at least 1 week. Ask the support team for more details and refund policy.

If all the conditions are fulfilled, we will provide you a full refund.


Special "48-hrs-only" discount system for the customers who buy it NOW!:

50% discounted copy and the bonus - Forex Double Dot Indicator in a package

Forex Double Dot Indicator a special tool shows you the trend direction.

It is very easy and as you remember: Everything of genius is simple! All currency pairs and M15, M30 timeframes can be used.

Time limited offer: ONLY 48 HOURS!
Get started RIGHT now! Act!

AGAIN: Such an offer is time-limited: 50% discount + extra bonus would be taken away in 48 hours. Please make up your mind TODAY!

A SECRET BONUS IS ALSO INCLUDED! Find out what it is right now! You will definitely like it...

 Supply package contains:  one lifetime license for a real account and unlimited lifetime licenses for demo accounts. Also we provide detailed manual and if you have some questions our friendly support will gladly answer them.

All customers of FX AutoDealer package will receive all following updates and support free of charge.

We have a loyal refund policy in case you do not like the product. It is valid 30 days after the purchase date.

You can save your priceless time and start earning right now. It will take you 5 minutes to proceed a payment and your will get an instant download link with the product and your personal bonus.

Your email address will never be shared or sold. We GUARANTEE your confidentiality. No spam.

WARNING: We strongly recommend getting this product from us as only in this case you will be able to have a legal copy! All other illegal copies will not perform. Software is protected and it protects your privacy and your account as well.

Get FX AutoDealer for just $89 or FORGET it!


 Supply package contains:  one lifetime license for a real account and unlimited lifetime licenses for demo accounts. Also we provide detailed manual and if you have some questions our friendly support will gladly answer them.




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Onetime payment. No hidden fees. 24/7/365 Online Support

More details ABOUT THE ROBOT

Forex AutoDealer Robot is the unique robot that deals with most frequent problems of any trader – high risk and small inconsistent profit.

Let’s see in greater details the mechanism of its operation.

Couple Currency Technology This implemented algorithm is so much universal that advisor works easily on the most popular currency pairs. We took the best two of them – EURUSD and USDJPY. The system keeps the stable profit and both currency pairs insure each other from possible drawdowns. Thanks to it you’ll get the possibility to decrease the risks and increase your profit. Double reliability and double profit at once!

Double Spread Control The most important part in Forex trading is not to lose your deposit. When the spread is huge – the order is being blocked and it will be opened only when the spread will be acceptable. Also our robot is based on a technology that automatically sets Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

Dual Slippage Protection
Slippage destroys your profit. One of the reasons for slippage is imperfect software that can't calculate and execute trades quickly. Slippage happens frequently during high volatility trading sessions with rapid market reversals and price fluctuations. Forex 10000 Dollars Robot is optimized to execute trades quickly at the right moment, lowering the possibility of slippage with each trade.

Trade On Friday Option
Friday Control allows you to enable or disable Friday trading. In addition you may also setup trading hours of the robot for each day in case you are a part-time trader.

Light News Filter
This inbuilt filter allows the Forex AutoDealer E.A. to stabilize its performance during sideways movement. As you know, there is not Holy Grail for this market situation. There is still no product on the market that can protect you from news. We always do not recommend to trade during flat market and the results attained against this advice will be entirely your responsibility. All we could do for such desperate traders is implementing this Light News Filter that can be a good helper in such conditions.

Forex AutoDealer Robot is almost trend-independent. For instance, it detects flat and reduces trades frequency in order to keep your account safe. While some other software tracks the market behavior, follow the trend and often STILL makes mistakes, our product performs reliably under any conditions.

Moreover, the system's properties and particulars of its algorithm have been created in such a way that it permits to turn profit with ether relatively small initial deposits of $200-$500 or equally fitted for seasoned professionals, who deal with MUCH larger deposits.

Our main term-algorithms have been devised in such a way that while minimizing the risks, it nevertheless allows for the robot to be extremely profitable. Fixed SL and TP are very much responsible for that.

You won’t ever need to get yourself involved with some technical and fundamental analysis or to follow the latest news or do some guesswork as to where the market is heading while listening to political leaders. None of that! Forex AutoDealer Robot trades automatically!


10 reasons why Forex AutoDealer Robot is a MUST-have:

We know that many users believe that automated trading is risky. But check the following list of advantages and reconsider it. The safety features keep you relaxed and the main algorithm does its part. You do not lose anything!

BEST combination of currency pairs
3-term algorithm
Trade On Friday Option
Bi_Direction On/Off Feature
Stealth Mode protection
100% automated: Set-and-Forget style
Win/loss ratio - 88%
Refund guarantees
Free 24/7 support
Individually Protected.


ENJOY OUR Discount & Bonus System

As an early customer, you'll receive a 50% discounted copy and the bonus - Forex Double Dot Indicator (100% Free, worth $79).

Forex Double Dot Indicator is a special tool that will give you visual signals on the chart:

Red color - Sell, Blue color - Buy.

It is very easy and useful. All currency pairs and M5, M15 timeframes can be used.

Check right now! This gift will make your profit more satisfactory!

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All customers as a part of service will receive FREE support
and upgrades.

FEW WORDS From Alex Tanuka

Since childhood, I was taught that the main quality in business world is honesty.

I've been trading for many years. When I started to learn this "science", I faced many questions and difficulties and my road to success was very long. I sometimes lost a lot, wasted time but never gave up. Of course, I was interested in making my trading faster and automated. I was desperate in searching for a good robot. So I decided to develop it myself basing on my long experience.

I'm sure in reliability of my product as I created it for me as well. And I hope that you will agree with me!

Me, Alex Tanuka, personally guarantee each of you get 30-days money-back guarantee and satisfaction with the product.
I always keep my word!


STILL DOUBTS? Nothing to worry about - believe me and hundreds of happy customers who stay with us since the start!


You buy a good product (read later about it).
More precisely, you buy a good product immediately after the announcement.
You install the product on the account and start using. In the best case, the product will serve you as long as the market will not change.

You cover the cost of the product, Earn money and wait for the next product, adapted to the changed market conditions.

You buy Forex AutoDealer Robot. Today. Now. Yes, yes ... Now!
You start to use it and pay back the price.
You earn with Forex AutoDealer Robot more and more ...

We guarantee:
that you will pay back the AutoDealer's price and earn real money after first couple of profitable trades within a few trading days.
If not - you will get your money back!

REMEMBER! Forex AutoDealer is optimized for current market. For about a month or two, when and if the market has changed dramatically, it is possible that the product will not be able to give such fantastic results. Hurry up to earn now, without postponing.

 So, what we offer:
You spent only $89
After a couple of weeks, even trading with 0.1 lot size you may earn about $1,000.
Of course, if you use the Robot correctly (check the manual).

Your possible (!!!) profit by the end of the month will be $911! Not bad, isn't it?
And if something goes wrong: you can always ask for your money back.

So, what do you lose? NOTHING!!!

Get FX AutoDealer for just $89 now or FORGET it!



Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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WHAT our clients SAY...

"There are so many scammers on Forex market. I got lost and wasted much time and money until I finally met with Alex Tanuka's team. That was love with the first pips :) I tested FX AutoDealer and loved the software. I thought I would never believe in Forex again but now I'm happy - I returned my money back and started earning additionally! Perfect!"
Kelly Stevenson, NJ, USA

"Stable profit is what needed from a good robot. We all understand that such product are optimized for current market tendencies and we cannot mistakenly believe that it would bring billions dollars. AutoDealer performs its function - thank you, Alex, for the E.A. Keep up the great work!"
George K, Australia

"I've been testing Fx AutoDealer for a couple of months. So far - so good. Just 2 small losses that are covered by stable income. The service is fantastic, trades are closed in profit, I'm satisfied. Congratulations to Alex and his team with this great innovation!"
Eva Menendez, Portugal

FOREX? Why should I believe it?

REASON#1 The foreign exchange market is worldwide. This means that continuous trading, 24 hours per day, is possible because at any time of the day markets are open somewhere in the world.

REASON#2 Forex trading also has high liquidity and low transaction costs. Money can be moved from one foreign currency to another without price discounts and the cost of transactions is build into the price.

REASON#3 Traders of foreign currency are also allowed to trade more money than they have in their accounts. This principle of leverage enables traders to participate in trades using small amounts of capital for much larger amounts in actual trade value.

REASON#4 Last but not least, on the Forex markets no restrictions exist in relation to directional trading. This opens the possibility to participate in more trades and make money from both rising and falling prices.

There are SO MANY Forex products...

You've probably already tried many different Forex robots and indicators. Moreover, I even think that you are a little "tired" from the thing that the choice is too huge. "So should I use? What products will provide profitable an secure trading?" - you probably ask yourself.


Over the years on Forex, I was convinced that there is no universal products that can bring you profits forever.

THE MARKET IS CHANGING. Daily change is not so noticeable, but a month later the situation may change dramatically.

Not surprisingly - the products (robots, indicators) that worked well and were profitable 2-3 weeks ago, today are not working, and even "merge" your money.

 That's why there are so many different robots and indicators

How can that happen? The answer is obvious. We need to use modern software IMMEDIATELY. Without delays. RIGHT NOW.

And it's in front of you. Forex AutoDealer - an ultra-modern system of generating profit, adapted specifically for today's conditions.

Do not miss your chance! Get it right now discounted and start fulfilling your dreams!



Although we do not advertise names we decided to share some advice on this issue as it is an essential part - to choose a good broker.

No secret there are brokers out there, who play against other traders. Each and every trader had situations when attempts to open orders ended up being unsuccessful, particularly because of “re-quotes”. Yes, it does happen from time to time due to rapid movement of price quotations. However, if such a thing happens to you rather frequently, change your broker.

The main task of dishonest brokers is to lure as many traders in as possible by sweet promises of lower spreads and bonuses and in the end allowing them to earn as little as possible, by imposing multiple limitations. Sometimes, if they can’t succeed at intervening and deceiving, they simply resort to non-payment of the money due. A really serious broker will allow you to export your honestly earned funds freely on the day of request.

It’s not so easy to choose one from a huge number of them out there, but please don’t be lazy and make your own investigation. Visit forums and read reviews, practice on its demo account. If you choose your broker correctly, it’ll be your lifetime love, however, if you make a mistake, your life is bound to transform into a never-ending horror show. What is more even with a good product you will not achieve stable results if your broker happen to be a “bad” one.

LET'S stay in touch...

Although the installation process is simple and trading is automated - sometimes different questions arise starting with the payment problems and the setting of the product. My support team is always on hand to answer all your questions.

Let us know if we can help:

Please read the F.A.Q. section below before contacting us - we may have already answered your issue.

NOTE that we do not advertise brokers - just go to specialized forums to choose a proper and reputable one.


How is that possible to have no losses at all with your software?
Naturally, there are no miracles and losses are unavoidable. Howerer, according to our prognoses win/loss ratio of Forex AutoDealer E.A. won’t be lower than 85-93%.

What is the difference between your new Robot and all the previous / all the rest?
The unique "Chief4" technology makes our product absolutely unique. All the advantages and the possible loss protection systems are integrated into our Forex AutoDealer E.A.

Is it difficult to install your Robot? I’m new in Forex.
That’s not difficult at all. You may spend on it a bit more time than a trader, who’s well familiar with MetaTrader4, however, we have no doubts you’ll understand it in no time at all.

How can I believe your words? Do you give any guarantees?
We are more than certain, that you will be pleasantly surprised to know, that on average the sheer number of successful (profitable) transactions is between 80-85%. Also, we provide with a refund period. You can get it and don't worry!

I happened to see your products offered on e-Bay and other sites at substantially lower prices, so the next logical question is WHY should I buy it from you if I can purchase it someplace else and save my money?
Thank you for this important question. We’ve decided to answer it as much in depth as possible. Please read "Illegal Sales" paragraph.

How soon does the AutoDealer robot start to trade after installation?
A. No more than 5 minutes. If you have a prior knowledge of how to install robots and indicators in the Metatrader, you won’t have any problems. Guaranteed!

Can I switch off the platform when there are no open orders?
It is better if you keep it running at all times. If you need to close it – please deactivate a robot before. Please do any manipulations at weekends when it will not affect its performance. With some brokers if you restart MT4 it may place some new orders that is not much desirable.

What pairs does the Robot work with?
Two pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY. M15 timeframe

Do you have any testing periods? Can I get a copy and then pay you after I earn some money with it?
No demo or trial versions are available. But we do offer a 30 days refund period in case you don’t like it.

I did not find an answer to my question here.
Please do not worry. Contact us through and our specialists will help you. In complex cases we offer TeamViewer remote help.

 WARNING:  We strongly recommend getting this product from us as only in this case you will be able to have a legal copy! All other illegal copies will not perform. Software is protected and it protects your privacy and your account as well.




Get $15,874.90 for just $89 now or FORGET it!

Onetime payment. No hidden fees. 24/7/365 Online Support

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If you have any questions please feel free to email our support team at:
We would love to help you.

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